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Crow Logo

I'm not as adept at using Adobe Illustrator as I'd like but I really wanted to give this a shot. Simple icons and logos are really attractive to me. I decided to use a crow for my subject although in retrospect, I could have found an easier animal... or one that wasn't a bird. I don't know if it's just me but birds are hard haha. Regardless, I searched for a pose that was not too withdrawn and dynamic enough to be interesting. 


I came across this image and although I collected a couple of different ones, thought that this was the best. My sketches took on a sort of additive property in that the initial sketch was extremely basic and held what I saw as the fundamental aesthetic properties and shapes. As I created more, features and curves that I wanted to include found their way in.




From there it was pretty much a matter of finding my way around illustrator. Eventually I came up with this.


Some feedback from my peers would be appreciative. I enjoyed learning some tips and techniques from the videos and any further insight from you (If you have any) would also be helpful.


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