Heather VanR

Owner, Little Black Dog Studio



Crossing the Right Brain - Left Brain Divide, Business Services for Artists

Are you an artist that feels trapped in the right-brain, left-brain trap when in comes to running your business? We offer business resources, training and support for creatives looking to be successful in the business end of their artistic endeavors.


Artists often face the stereo type of noting being good in business, and it works against them psychologically. In addition, many art institutes and colleges do not adequately address the concept of art as business and financial livelihood adequately.

Solution: Tiered business support services, with the creative professional in mind.

1) Blog offering free business resources for creatives

2) White papers available for 5$ with intensive coverage of topics of interest to folks, ie. How to write a creative business plan, or what does it mean to become a LLP or LLC?

3) Support services, ala carte pricing - ie. I will help you write your business plan for x$

4) Support services on a per hour basis...y$/ hr


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