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Crossing the Divide screenplay

salve Morgan Lindsay !  I enjoyed this brief encounter with a pivotal technique to write with more was insightful ! grazie !!! 

As I was leaving a small medieval city in Italy I watched a guy coming in my directrion carrying a pizza from another side of a bridge, and I felt there witness to a beautifull image, possible seed for a story.  Months later in London I was upstaris a double deck bus where I saw another guy messenger delivering an envelope near a bike at a Pub door.  Those two images were combined in my mind to create a story.
I changed the envelope and pizza for a box containing flowers, added the ubiquotous london rain,
and voila...

I'd added the first page of a screenplay I'm working on called 

' Crossing the DIVIDE ' it is a romantic light comedy filled with unexpected behaviours.
it was built with suspense in mind.

London by nightfall, we see the view from bridge inside a taxi that is stopped by traffic.


______________________Black Driver

___________...time is running by, and life is becoming more and more expensive...


The taxi meter clicks forward...


______________________Black Driver

___________...and I’ll tell you what I saw, not far away from here...


The passenger looks at his watch, a little upset putting down his newspaper...


______________________Black Driver

___________There was a man walking on the parapet of this bridge yesterday.

___________ It was odd to see him limping out steps against the wind

___________carrying a big rectangular red pack and a lot of beer cans.


Background window view comes into zoom focus: there the guy stops and arranges all cans in a pyramid on the parapet of the bridge...


______________________Black Driver ( voice off)

___________So there he was, in the middle of the bridge,

___________drunk, in the middle of the bridge, stumbling over...


______________________The passenger

___________Gosh... did he fall in the river?


______________________Black Driver

___________No, the guy fell over...

___________but the long red pack seemed to be intact...


The passenger looks at the bridge side.

He sees nobody there.


______________________Black Driver

___________Then, he smiled... undamaged after all...


______________________The passenger

___________He... smiled?


______________________Black Driver

___________...yeah... isn’t it strange?

___________...time is running by, and life is becoming more and more complex...


The wind blows and the light rain gets worse.


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