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Crossing the Bridge

Oh man. I couldn't decide between two sets I was working on, so I'll just choose this one. Yay for being indecisive!

I just moved to Seattle from Los Angeles and have been in constant awe of the scenery.  There are so many walkable parks from my apartment and I'm constantly exploring (no I don't mind muddy trails).

Recently, I was walking in Camp Long and found this awesome bridge.

I'm obsessed with taking photos of bridges and stairs.  For some reason, they're very magickal to me.

I used Snapseed and VSCO for all of my edits.

The first one:

I used Snapseed to create a fantastical blur around the edges and to edit the contrast and colors.
I then used VSCO Cam to really up the saturation and put a vignette around the edges to totally mystify this image.
Bridge to fairyland, indeed!

Second edit:

I converted the second image into B&W using a different filter on VSCO Cam. I also changed the shadows and tints to get the proper shades of grey I wanted.
Another bridge towards a more dark mysterious land.

Finally, the third edit:

I made various adjustments with the contrast and saturation in this one.  I used the C1 filter in VSCO Cam and got rid of the blur+vignette.  I also made the highlights have a blue tint to them.

I'm in love with the colors. Definitely my favorite bridge to the unknown.

Oh! And here's my instagram pic with the croppings and what not. Follow me to a land of mystery! #j00bilee


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