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Liam Davidson




Crossed Icons


So for my reference I went onto pinterest and instead of looking at pins looked instead at icons and in particular minimalist icons. I love simplifying things down to only whats necessary and thought that this could make for a really cool pin design. I really liked the look of the black and white from Jons example pins and thought those colors (or lack there of) would really well with this idea.


As for the subject I've always loved the symbol of crossed swords and wanted to something touching on that. After a bit of looking around I settled on the iconic bowie knife which I thought would simplify really well while keeping its distinctive shape.


Favourite Apple Metal Pin

I really liked the sillieness and fun of this pin. Particulaly the tie really made me smile.


Rough Sketch

I have a bad habit of doing my sketching digitally so as per usual I hopped right into Illustrator and strated playing around. I worked a lot from primitives trying to keep the shapes as minimal as possible.


Final Illustration


And here we have it. Crossed bowie knives in a minial icon style. I would love to hear any feedback or ideas that people have. Great lesson Jon!


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