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Crofton Chapter One : When Orran Baldric Decided to Leave His Hometown

Orran Baldric walked fastly, arrived at the front of his house. After he went inside his house, he closed the door quickly and locked it. He could not hide his excitement. His heart was beating fastly, his cheek was red like he was drunk, and he smiled unconsciously several times before he knew it. His breathing still uncontrolled as he ran from the Central Park in Gabriel City—his home town, after he spent his time all the day to thinking by himself. Slowly, he succeeded to control his breath and he calm again like he usually was.


Yeah. He must not be satisfied right now. The game just started tomorrow, not tonight.


But the excitement in his heart made his calm gone quickly. He was too excited and made the magic fire in the house moving uncontrolled, bigger and dancing with him. He laughed loudly, made himself like a fool. And then, after he was tired, he walked to the sofa in the living room—not far from the door where he was standing now—leaned his body back to the sofa that shouted, wishing to got some sleep because he was not sleeping for two days.


He sighed. Not because he was tired, but because he felt the time past slowly.




His voice was trembling when he shouted, but he didn’t care. 


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