Crocodile character

Crocodile character - student project

Hello everyone !

I am so glad I took this class !! I wished to create fun animals characters for so long and I researched some methods before but it always seemed so daunting to understand how it worked.

For the class project I choose to work on a crocodile character to see if I could transform a "not so friendly" looking animal into a more fun character ! I still have lots of practice to do lol but I'm happy I could transform my crocodile picture reference and now all I wish is to create more animal characters :)

I'm sharing the moodboard I created for the project, stock pictures and sketches. And the final character pictures.

I worked with Procreate as I didn't have Photoshop for the moment but I tried to follow your coloring process with a base color, shadows and texture. I hope it's ok !

Thank you so much Melissa for the clear explanations, great examples and encouragements !! Crocodile character - image 1 - student projectCrocodile character - image 2 - student projectCrocodile character - image 3 - student projectCrocodile character - image 4 - student project