Christine Lucas

Crochet Designer and Author of Huggable Crochet



Crochet Basics 101: How To Create Your Own Rag Doll


I will walk you through how to create the four basic crochet stitches, that every crocheter should know.  We will go over how to read a basic pattern and what the abbreviations within the pattern mean.  Then, you will learn how to change from one color to the next, during the course of your work.  Finally, we will be making a rag doll, that you can customize any way you like..  Once the basic pieces are completed, I will show you how to fold and sew these pieces together, using a darning needle and a few extra lengths of yarn.  I will also show you how to attach the individual pieces to one another to create the final project.  In the last step, you will learn how to embroider a fun face onto your character.

Link to my Intro Video:



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