Critters in My Back Yard -- Next Round

Critters in My Back Yard -- Next Round - student project

Critters-Next Round

This course has been inspirational.  I was just clearing out an file cabinets and came across a map that highlighted the places I visited many years ago on a trip to Africa (Geological emphasis) with the American Museum of Natural History--at any rate, in addition to the map, I have the complete itinerary, my journal and old slides that need to be scanned.  So my NEXT project when I find time will be 

Critters in the Wild

(like lions, zebras, giraffes, etc.)--here is the map (I did not draw this, but I can see adding critters to it!)

Critters in My Back Yard -- Next Round - image 1 - student project

Critters in My Backyard

Critters in My Back Yard -- Next Round - image 2 - student project

and a GIF (which I learned to do in this class!

Critters in My Back Yard -- Next Round - image 3 - student project

Critters in My Back Yard map—my journey.

Basically when I started to work on my “final” map (“final" being a very relative term here), I found as I worked with the concept and images in my original plan,  I was trying too much and couldn’t make it work.  In addition to the critters, I was thinking of mapping their trails and had even downloaded some appropriate animal tracks to use. 

I made the decision to use as a background winter photos (at 50% transparency) for the yard and then I realized that I had enough pictures at various locations so I could place them where they were spotted in the yard (at the edge of the lawn, in the garden, on the lawn in front of a tree)—the fact that most of the pictures were taken in the summer (when they tend to visit more) the bright green foliage made them show up.  The one exception is the box turtle who got rather lost among the deer and foxes, so I moved him/her to the other side of the yard.  In the photo at the lower right the very young fox did indeed follow the woodchuck/groundhog who in no way speeded up his pace as he proceeded onto the lawn and up the steps (but he might have emitted a warning sound).  I did not have to draw trails because looking at the map the critters told their own story.  (Oops, I also moved the eagle because the tree he perched on originally has since fallen!

With all the new software I have learned about in class I made some effort to use them, but in the end I used InDesign and Photoshop (very limited use).  The one thing I did do is to create a GIF of the critters map.  Enjoy.

Project 2.1  Mapping

The cover pattern is the street pattern for Dupont Circle in Washington, DC.  In addition I have pictures of the street pattern, hybrid pattern and satellite view--the "basic" pattern can be seen in each.  I also (with the new found knowledge I have obtained from classmates) made of GIF of the four pieces.  Works OK on my computer (understand you need flashplayer to operate the GIF--at any rate, my first try.  I am going to upload the "pieces" and then the GIF and hope it works.

Critters in My Back Yard -- Next Round - image 4 - student projectCritters in My Back Yard -- Next Round - image 5 - student project

Critters in My Back Yard -- Next Round - image 6 - student project

 Critters in My Back Yard -- Next Round - image 7 - student project

And here is the GIF.

Critters in My Back Yard -- Next Round - image 8 - student project

Don't Worry MY main project will still be Critters in my Backyard

In addition to the critters map I have done Places Where I have Lived.  I find it a challenge to depict information in a meaningful way but that is the basic challenge of making a map. 

Critters in My Back Yard -- Next Round - image 9 - student project

Critters in My Back Yard -- Next Round - image 10 - student project

Why am I making this map?:  Critters (many of whom I have taken pictures of over the years) have been wondering around our backyard for years.  Thought it would be fun to indicate where the animals had been spotted.

I anticipate doing some other maps—one might be the city of Lyon, France as I might visit there this summer (hoping).

Why am I the expert to create this map?: Because it is MY backyard.

Who is my target audience?:Family.

Do I want my final project to be printed or digital?  This is just a hand drawn map eventually any final product I would have would be digital as I am more comfortable.

How is going to be used/held?  Personal use.

What other constraints do I need to keep in mind moving forward?:  I am so fascinated by what others are doing or have found that I need to fine time to DO my own maps.

What level of detail do I need to include?  At first I just marked the spots where the animals had been spotted, I then tried to add their trails to better appreciate where they hang out.

—when get to the digital part I will have more questions and need help.

Marty Ditmeyer

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