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Criswell Logo

Update: August 12th

I was able to get my sketch inked out and had it ready for illustrator.


This is the first-time I have hand-vecotored, as I normally always use live trace. There is definitely a huge difference and a much smoother outcome with hand-vectoring. This was my outline before refining a few curves.


This was a challenge for me and I can already see places where much improvement can be made.

After tweaking and nuding for quite a while this is what I came up with. Before taking your class I would have been happy with this outcome but I see a ton of little spots that need improvement. The shape of the "w" is killing me but the more I messed with it the worse it looked. I think I need to start from scratch on that one.

Although I'm not 100% happy I do think it's a huge improvement over my vectoring work in the past. 


Hi everyone! Thanks so much for taking a look at my project. I was really excited when I saw Matt would be teaching a class on Skillshare. I have been following him on Instagram for quite a while and have always been amazed by his skill. I have been doing a daily hand lettering project for almost a year now, I have 15 days left! Not that I will be stopping but it will signify a year of daily practice which I am really happy about. During this year I have experimented with brush lettering off and on and quickly found out it's not as easy as it looks! 

I decided that instead of doing my name I would work on a logo for by business. Criswell Creations is the name of my Etsy store and I'm hoping to really improve the look. I found Matt's process to be really rewarding and a way in which I always need to work. So many times I will run with my first or second idea instead of really putting in the time to sketch and see what other opitons there are. At this point, I haven't started to vector anything yet as I have been working on my sketches, working with the brushpen, doing drills and actually drawing letterforms. 

I will show you where I started and show you where I am at the moment.

These were my first rough sketches, just feeling out the letterforms and working on the types of shapes I wanted.


Then I moved on to doing a few drills with the brushpen.


Once I was feeling a little more confident with the pen I moved on with the layout I had decided on. I just kept writing the logo over and over again to see what was working and to try and steady my hand.



Although I saw improvement overall I still wasn't happy with the weight and feel of these. I could find spots in several of them where I saw something I liked but could never get it together in one go. I know this will take more time and practice. But, to be able to move forward with the project I decided to actually sketch outh the letterforms the way I was imagining them. 


The bottom sketch here is really moving toward what I was hoping for but I know improvments can still be made. My next step will be to get a nice, inked version ready to bring into illustrator for vectoring. Before doing the inked version, I was hoping to get some feedback about any improvementst that can be made or any huge problems I'm glazing over.


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