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Cristiano: Sketch to Print


Like many people taking this class, I was also planning to take a screenprinting course (which I now finally have done). Originally, I wanted to figure out a way to rework my existing illustrations of minimalist landmarks for screenprinting, however, the process I currently use for that is a bit convoluted (see this discussion thread).

Back in the summer, I started compulsively drawing faceless players from the World Cup. I figured the more restrained colour pallette would work for screenprinting. I decided to experiment with this piece of Cristiano Ronaldo:

For this to work as a 2-colour print, I needed to make a few adjustments:
- The green stripe on the collar needed to go
- The skin needed to be one flat colour
- The hair, dark stripes of the shirt, and shading on the face needed to be variations of the second colour

After experimenting with shades of brown that could work as a darkener as well as a standalone colour, I got to this point:

From there, using the pathfinder and halftoning methods from the FUN poster example, I was able to arrive quite quickly at this:


I took a day-long screenprinting class, where I was able to experiment with a bunch of things.

After a few failed registrations, poor ink choices, and halftone disasters, some decent results! The line halftones came out really well, and all in all I'm very happy with that technique. I'll need to experiment with the other technique soon.


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