Crimson Wings

Crimson Wings - student project

Crimson Wings - image 1 - student project


Crimson Wings


A country brought to its knees by revolts and a bloody civil war. What remains is a broken people.

Farrah, once an officer, leader of a revolution, now making her living as the captain of a crew of airship pirates, held down by guilt and the wish for a better world.

The waif Rat, who has only ever known a world that doesn’t care if she lives or dies. She doesn’t have time for shiny things like justice and glory.

Both find themselves at the brink of a new fight for power. They have to decide what kind of tomorrow they wish to see and what they are willing to sacrifice for it.




Stock photography used: 

Wings by thy-darkest-hour:

Part of the backgroudn texture by tigers-stock: