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Kirsty Lyon

Art, Design, Film & Language Student.



Cricket Green

Feeling immediately inspired by this class, I wandered over to the cricket green on what happened to be the sunniest day of the year so far. Beautiful clear skies with lovely pure light completely overwhelmed the entire place. I spent a bit of time just looking and testing my camera for the perfect settings to accurately capture the feel of the green that day. Just as I was about to start taking photos of a rusty metal rod that was fencing off the cricket area and contrasted so intensely with the nature that surrounded it, a dog heard the clicking of my camera and decided he wasn't a fan. He barked at me for a solid ten minutes or so before I decided it would be a good idea if I made friends with him - he eventually came to say hi.


After walking around for a bit longer, I sat on the basketball court for a moment to just look around and luckily decided to look up and noticed this amazing geometry. Very thankful for such a clear sky to be able to capture this.



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