Crème Apparel.

Crème Apparel. - student project

Crème Apparel. - image 1 - student projectCrème Apparel. - image 2 - student projectCrème Apparel is something ive been workin on since 2008. Its surely coming along piece by piece the more i work on it. Its based of a pastelle color world where everything is bright and unordinary! Its an image that is in the works of bein complex and versitile. Crème Lifestyle is your best style. Wear as you represent yourself. Im a pastries kid growing up. The ice cream cone was developed in simple art project And that is potato stamp carvin. For me  Creating something from scratch just puts the simplicity in creating something for yourself for the world to know what its in your head. We are all different and even though people may wear the same logos or same outfit you have the choice to wear it your way with your twist with out hesitation.

Im working on turning both in a shirt and add some more details to it :] 

Im looking for any feedback whether its constructive or positive :)

Alittle more info coming soon. And better work . Thank you.