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Creepy Sloth Coffee

Creepy sloth coffee is created for those of us who hang out at coffee shops. Sometimes we feel a little sluggish, so we drink coffee for a little kick. 

The first reference that I had was from a real brand. I liked the bottle overall, so I collected it about a year ago. But I was impressed with it enough to copy it, i just wanted to see what information is standard. Coming from a web design background, that is how I approach what I build, by gathering content first. 


I did not build a moodboard before starting my sketches because i have a habit of taking too much time looking for stuff and then i start reading design blogs. I had a general idea of what I wanted the fonts and layout to look like. I honestly kind of felt like it was "cheating" to look too much. So I gathered a few references and then after saving them i got started anyways. This is for my own product, so I am treating this different as opposed to when I work with a client. I was not impressed with other coffee labels as they were either too old looking (and I am not fond of "heritage") or they were too cliche lazy hipster aesthtic. I found an image of a sloth that I liked, and I kind-of wanted a font like the ones of these shotgun shells.




I loved the straight-forwardness of the design of the box of shotgun shells. I chose to look up "bullets" because they are a product marketed at males, which tend to be concise and simplified.

I began with the sketch of the sloth. Starting with pencil and then finalizing the outline with a pen. I love the Graphik pens by Derwent. I use 0.5 


Then I colored it in so I can get a better scan and a feel for what two color illustration could look like 


I don't take too long to sketch becuase I am not that good, and I want to get into ilustrator faster.

Then I moved on to the fonts. Thankfully a few days ago I was at a coffee shop and liked a sign enough to sketch one of the letters. I think the sign was for "Alpine Mountain Spring Water" or something like that. It was likely some fake vintage hipster sign anyways.


I had a great time drawing this font, so I was already inspired to work on a custom font. Here is what I first came up with 


I am going to clean it up in illustrator and iterate later anyways.

I am still not 100% sure of what to do about the label. For some reason I was inspired by memories of mystical symbols. So I integrated a six pointed star. I just like the way it looks. 


I recall that in the instructors notes it mentioned that bold lines help to make the logo pop off the item. So I made the outline thick. The little decoration that was added at each angle kind of came out of nowhere. I am going to change the text at the bottom since bottles will be 12oz. and I am going to add a section where the brewer (usually me) can add the batch number so that we can take notes and improve the flavor over time.


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