Creepy Crawling Fun

Creepy Crawling Fun - student project

Hello everyone,

Thank you Liz for another enjoyable class, especially as my 7 yr old girl and 9 yr old loved it too! 

I started off with drawing some different butterflies - for these I did stick with using bold lines and the quick coloring-in strategy. I have always liked a bold outline on my drawings...

Creepy Crawling Fun - image 1 - student project

My 7 yr old daughter wanted to colour in some butterflies and spiders too - this is her work. I love seeing what she comes up with as she is totally inhibited - she is not thinking about colour wheels etc. She just colours in on what she likes at the time and she often gives me great ideas for colour combos.

Creepy Crawling Fun - image 2 - student project

She definitely loves a bold colour!


Then my 9 yr old son who is absolutely obsessed and in love with spiders, asked me to draw some spiders for him. 

Creepy Crawling Fun - image 3 - student project


I also created a picture with my sons hands and forearms, holding all the spiders as he would totally do this in real life!

Creepy Crawling Fun - image 4 - student project

I also did some animation with the spiders, which was a lot of fun too.

Always welcome thoughts, feedback etc.

Until the next class...

Maike x

Maike Hale
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