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Tori Thompson

Content Marketer looking for the magic sauce


-- New Lander


I work for a credit card comparison site that has been predominiately SEM/lead gen for the better part of 5 years. No one has ever cared about building a rapport with the customer as the goal was always a clickout. I have a tradtional marketing background, and this business plan drives me crazy. I am looking to turn this antiquated site into a viable brand.

Overview: is a credit card comparison site where users can come and view the most recent credit card offers on the market. We recently launched a blog full of helpful resources to allow users to figure out which credit card is best for them. 


7 Important Elements:

Headline: "No Sales People, Just Credit Cards"

I really wanted to hit that "avoid" nerve that people respond to. Almost every person I know hates being sold something, as free thinking humans, we want everything to be our own idea. So I wanted to play on that. Finding your next credit card should be your decision, not because the Macy's sales associate talked you into it. 

CTA: "Find your Next Card"
Since our sole goal is to get someone to apply for a credit card, I want to send them directly to our marketplace

Features & Benefits: We do not do anything revolutionary on our site, so I wanted to call attention to the Explore. Compare. Apply. It gives a quick tutorial on what is expected.

Credibility: This has been a difficult thing for our site to overcome. People are so weary of identiy theft and security in our industry. We have not been featured on any news outlets, although I am hoping to change that asap. I decided to add "1.5 million satisfied customers" that is around the amount of users we have approved for cards to date. 

Social Proof:
Working on engaing further with Facebook & Twitter followers

Risk Reversal: I wanted to add in 100% Customer Satisfaction, but I didn't think it would fit. I think the credibility of 1.5 million applicants helps in this category as well.

I would really like to add this to our site. Many people think that we are the bank and we lend the money, which is absolutely false. I want to educated our users about how to apply, with who, where to find more research and reviews, and what to do if they are continuously denied for cards. 


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