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Dani Maupin

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"Credendo Vides" - Believing is seeing.

My phrase:: "Cedendo Vides"   (with the possibility of the English translation with it - "Believing is Seeing") 

My list:     

Thought          -         Imagination           -         Faith 

Fantasy           -        Castle                      -        monster

Wispy               -       Devotion               -          Understanding 

Hope               -         Dream                   -          Wish 

loyalty              -         Visualize              -          Adventure 

Book                -        Story                      -          Illustration 

Need               -          Create                -           Design 

Make              -            Cloud                 -           Learn 

Magic              -           Entrancing        -           Beautiful 

Research Images : 

I found myself leaning towards more abstracty images, especially ones with bold colours.  I think I'm looking for a feeling that the words are either so believed in, or they believe enough in themselves that they're vibrant and powerful.  Not to be missed. 

I finally had time to do some practice lettering... 

In my progress in practice lettering, I reliazed that I know absolutely nothing about fonts.  I had no idea what a serif was, so I looked it up.  I learned quite a bit from this process... I also learned that I don't really know what to do with the letters themselves, and that I think I'm going to have to go with some minor illustration around the words.  I seem to prefer that to the representational letters, or the letters in a shape.  I migh have to go back and do an ornate version so that I can see that (I think that's the only one in the list that I missed?) because I enjoy the look of the script... but it needs more whim. 

The pink and blue is me messing around with some pens at work while I helped an actor memorize his lines... the white out was just sitting there on the table so I used it a little.  I actually kind of like the almost scribbled look of the top one that's in pink.... 

Then I grabbed a sheet and did a few little thumbnails.... just to get the brain working.   I kind of want to toy with having a tree in a thumbnail since I seem to be stuck in cloud and balloon mode with the ones below... 


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