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Credenda Clothing by Van Greener

Hey everyone, I'm a designer and screenprinter from little Boise, Idaho. I run a little screenprinting studio called Credenda Studios out of Boise. It specializes in designing and printing gig posters for many of the shows that come through Idaho. I'm currently wanting to create a branch off company from the studio called Credenda Clothing.

The primary feel for it will be classic americana design. I've always been heavily inspired by world war history and they design that came out during that time. I have an illustration style that leans towards old engraving or woodcuts but with a contemporary twist on it. So it all seems to fit together. I'm wanting to improve my handlettering since I imagine a lot of text will be prominent throughout the brand. I really want to give off the feel of classic american values (not political, just the idea of obtaining that american dream through some good ol elbow grease) but with a little bit of attitude in it as well.

For this project, I plan on creating a clothing tag and possibly another shirt design. I plan on using the old manilla industrial tags and tea staining them in order to acheive the aged look.

But here is my mood board. It has a lot of older labels from oil and beer cans. There are also a few prohibtion photos that I felt pretty inspired by.

Here are a few of the sketches I've been working on. Fairly simple designs with some flourishes here and there. I'm really liking the one with the shark in it so I might explore that a little more. But if you have any feedback, feel free to throw it my way!


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