Creature design - Reptile

16/01/2014 - Step 1
I went more for sketches here, I tried using silhouettes but that didn't work out for me.
i've decided i'll work on a reptile creature 'cos their skin textures will be more fun I guess.
I plan to work on the four-legged one in the bottom-right.

21/01/2014 - Step 2
Continuing on with step 2, where I collected images of thicker, stockier-looking lizards like monitor lizards and gila monsters, cos i know i want to move in a more monitor lizard/komodo dragon direction.
I then went onto the study,

I then went onto the skeletal/anatomy study, where i was looking more for the muscles that would be plainly visible on the creature (because as it turns out diagrams of komodo dragon's muscles are quite hard to find), rather than working on the entire musclature system. and those muscles plainly visible are those on the legs (they have to hold up the heavy komodo after all).

26/01/2014 - Step 2/3
I decided to go in a more mammalian direction with the body of this creature and make it really predatorial.
i eventually settled on my design after messing with head shapes, it turns out i tried swapping heads out on one of the bodies and this lead me to my favoured design.

I moved straight to colours and went in a few different directions.
I really wanted to make the reptile look predatorial and agile, so used very striking colours, i quite like the ash through red of my first concept and with others i took inspiration from some of the more colourful lizards i could find, though with the second-last concept i wanted to try a more toxic look, and so looked to dart frogs for inspiration.
I wanna know what you guys think.

8/02/2014 - Step 3 cont.
When searching for poses I went in a few directions, like agile running poses or standing their ground against another, but eventually went for the pose that looked like it was about to pounce and still showed the thickness of the animal.

And here are my final lines:


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