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Creature Concepts

Art is my passion and I've always been especially interested in concept art and the various things surrounding it. I felt this project would be extremely useful in developing my skills, technique and concepts in general.

When I began sketching I hadn't gotten a specific theme or style in mind for my creature and so just began with trying something out which I enjoy with some dragonic concepts. I sometimes find that my dragon concepts seem a bit generic so I wanted to go for the complete opposite of what I would usually begin with and went with a much sturdier, bulkier and heavier design. I found I really enjoyed playing with the concepts of these whilst contrasting them with some sleeker ones. 

Anyway, I had a hell of a lot of fun with this (I have no idea where the crazy spider bird came from haha :L ), and at the moment I think I'm leaning towards the bulkier design that is almost like an arctic tundra sabertooth, woolly mamoth, rhino thing :) I like the heavy front and its something that I don't think i would have come up with normally. The design needs refining a lot I feel though, especially with anatomy and facial construction.

Its a really massive file so I hope it uploads alright and that you ae actually able to see them or at least zoom in :/


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