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Creativity's Light (And Summer Session Entries)

The words I choose were Jewelry, Creativity and Light bulb. They were something I tried to incorporate into each shot. Below are the 3 from this project:

This is photo # 1, one hand above angle.


This is #2, both hands forward angle.


This is photo #3, no face self portrait.


All photos were taken by my Cannon Rebel T3 DSLR camera with high ISO for intentional grain. They were lightly edited by Lightroom and Instagram. All of the items in the pictures are either works in progress for my etsy shop, unlisted items or items that are for sale. This was a really fun class and I will definitely take more portraits like this in the future.

Thank you for viewing!



Entry #1


Decided to do this round of 3 with my little iPod touch camera. Its no where near as nice as my DSLR but I thought that would add to the challenge since I'm doing this a 2nd time. I'll have to try to use good lighting to make up for the low pixels and quality.

#2 coming soon...


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