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Creativity requires the courage...

02 – UPDATE – 1st of October, 2014

Here I am again, with a one-month-old sleeping baby girl on my shoulder, typing with one hand, holding her with the other (she just doesn't want to be wrapped now).

I haven't drawn since 13rd of August, when I added one more version of my chosen word. In the meantime I revised the "on a curve" one, and I hate it by now, so I'm going to redraw that. Here's a photo of the progression. I'll try to restart drawing in the next two weeks, so be ready for some updates soon :)


Have a great week, and a good time with drawing!


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Well, hello everyone,

This is absolutely a new start for me, an exciting and courageous one. I haven't drawn a real line in years, just doodles for my son, and sometimes myself. Nothing more. Now I decided to restart it all, with the very favourite thing of mine: lettering. Though I never really did it before. I just simply adore alphabets, letters, numbers, typography in general. So here starts my late night project (which might stop for a while shortly after the commencement, as I'm 37 weeks pregnant. Don't ask, some sudden spark of creativity, or just hormones, I don't really know). I already enjoy it a lot.

It started on the 6th of August.

I watched the first part of the video series, and started to think about the phrase. It wasn't easy at all although I thought this would be the easiest part. I chose one finally, which I replaced with another one on the next day.

So my final phrase is this:

"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainty."

It's a quote from Erich Fromm, an author I really like. And it fits my current situation quite well, so it has become close to my heart pretty quickly.

Regarding the related words I couldn't collect too much, because while reading this phrase, a quite clear image just popped into my mind, and it influenced me a lot.

So here's the short list:

  • space (out of space)
  • planets
  • rocket (far away)
  • astronaut
  • flower
  • happy face
  • blue gradients & white & orange

After this I started to collect images to the mood board, and it took me a long time. Here's a collection that came out of many:


I imagine the whole thing in a 50s, 60s manner, as a poster. I absolutely loved "The Jetsons", and their whole world, so I think that's what inspired me the most when I saw the image in front of my eyes. However, I'm not sure about the final composition yet after the research. I guess it will alter as the project goes forward.

Then I watched the next two chapters today, and started to create the first sketches of one word, which is - of course - Creativity. I only drew the "script" and the "on a curve" versions today, and I realised that I'm very, very rusty. But it felt so good to create those, like nothing else in a long time, so I'm hooked and willing to continue as soon as I can.

Here are my process doodlings and sketches:


Have a great time with this project, like me :) Thanks for the opportunity to follow the whole process here. I hope you'll like it.



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