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"Creativity is intelligence having fun" - Albert Einstein

FINAL (Ink and colored pencil):


"Creativity is intelligence having fun" -Albert Einstein

Of all of the quotes I have read and researched, this one really caught my eye for the project's purpose. I think Einstein's words are incredibly playful and real and I wanted to display this quote with the playfulness, yet seriousness that he meant.

I started by categorized the quote into three separate parts: creativity, intelligence, and fun. With those three words I came up with other words which helped influence the layout and style of lettering for each part.


More ideas on my pinterest page: www.pinterest.com/amandubs/typography/

I think the idea of a simple poster design, but within that, incorporate old (1920's) signage lettering and styles. With possibly encapsulating the text into an actual shape to create the illusion of a sign.


As I was sketching out my final design, I started to go in a more literal (if you will) direction as far as the elements I included in the actual design. 

Here are a few of my sketches before I started doing actual size layout design.

(Please forgive the sideways photos)

After creating multiple sketches and a couple different general ideas and layouts, my lightbulb turned on and I knew exactly what to do, which is when I came up with this rough sketch.

(Once again I apologize for your upcoming neck problems if you don't already have any)

I know the spacing is a little uneven. I am very open to constructive critisism about everything. I'm not exactly set on the middle part of the design, but I like the fun-ness of the "creativity" being in the light bulb and the "having fun" with the same playful attributes. After some alterations I should be ready for my final product to be inked!


Here is my latest (pretty sloppy) first inked scribble of what I am going for. Once I get my lightbox, the lines won't be so scattered. 

I'm still trying to figure out a way to use up the negative space at the bottom, other than that I would say this is about 95% complete! Just some finishing touches and re-inking it! Feedback is always welcome!

Thanks everyone!


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