Creativity is Intelligence having Fun

I chose an Albert Einstein quote to work with. "Creativity is intelligence having fun."

I had never done a layout before because I didn't know where to start, it was a bit overwhelming. Breaking down the quote and have a planning process was perfect. I did change the level of my words as I worked through my revisions.


I didn't like how this looked like a crest and so I tried a couple on an angle:


In the top layout above, the first "c" was very small and I tried a large flourish to make up for this. By happy accident, this flourish looked like the "c" in creativity. When I started playing with that idea, the layout came together (after many, many more pages). The word "fun" gave me a lot of trouble but I like what I ended up with.


Now that I see it on the screen, there are a few more tweaks I might make. But overall, I am happy with how the layout turned out.

Thank you Teela!


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