Creativity Learning Process

Creativity Learning Process - student project

I am completely new to Graphic Design and honestly, I have zero drawing talent. However, I found some examples online and drew these pictures multiple times. The last one was in ink just because I wanted to see it darkened. I didn't realize I didn't have to draw it in great detail (I sketched these before watching the videos on uploading and sketching).  Anyway, I came up with these ideas based on learning new things--specifically learning new skills in graphic design. 

The coffee is self explanatory. The computer is being inspired by others in social media and also learning new things online. The brain (if you can tell that's a brain) with the light bulb is for ideas. The heart with the flame is for the passion you need to learn. And the girl on the swing with the hearts is for taking the time to be inspired by nature and also feeling joy in the process of learning. Here's just 2 of the ones I did so far.

Note: I cut out the inked copy so I didn't have to redraw everything.

Creativity Learning Process - image 1 - student project

Creativity Learning Process - image 2 - student project

I had to do a lot of editing because after I got this into Photoshop, there were some things I decided I didn't like. After a day of work, here is what I have to date with just the arrow tool and coloring. I also had to get the hang of photoshop as I'm used to Illustrator. I find photoshop kind of wonky in comparison. I'd prefer to do these in illustrator next time, but I did learn some things by using photoshop too. I think I'll probably want to texturize the light bulb here with something creative to show that my ideas are creative and the flame needs a little something to show its a symbol of having passion and drive--which in my opinion is a good tool to have.

Creativity Learning Process - image 3 - student project


Thankfully, my daughter had a nib set and some black ink so I was able to do most of the textures in ink. I'm still working on that. I'll update this when I'm done. But here are some of the ink on paper.

Creativity Learning Process - image 4 - student project

Creativity Learning Process - image 5 - student project

Creativity Learning Process - image 6 - student project

Creativity Learning Process - image 7 - student project

And here's my final project. In comparison to others here, it kind of sucks, but I know I can only get better over time!

Creativity Learning Process - image 8 - student project

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