Creatively Organized...

Creatively Organized... - student project

Or perhaps more like an organized mess? ;-)

Either way, based on my summary picture, the area I am going to focus on for my productivity system is my digital file organization system. It has always been more challenging to me to have a digital file system (for whatever reason), perhaps due to the fact that  I have used mulitiple platforms between Dropbox and Google Drive, but based on Thomas' recommendation, I am going to start cleaning up my Dropbox, and focus on establishing and using my new system on Google Drive.

Overall, as a busy Mom of two little ones, with her own business and side hustle, this was an excellent class and refresher for me - while I did some of the ideas that Thomas has taught using my own physical/paper system, it was extremely helpful for me to see how to establish/transfer everything digitally. Plus, the recommendation of which apps to use was also invaluable, especially since there is so much out there, but knowing which programs can also sync with each other and keep everything streamlined and lean, is very awesome!

As you can see from the second image, I have created my Todoist List, Labels in Gmail, started using my Google Calendar, and will begin using Evernote and ScanBot - I feel so much better knowing that l now will be able to work smarter, not harder. Thank You, Thomas!!!Creatively Organized... - image 1 - student project

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