Creative journaling for self care - Get imaginative

Creative journaling for self care - Get imaginative - student project

Go deep for a date with your mind with this class on SkillShare!


I am Medha and I am a Creative Writer.


While always being a creative writer, a fiction fan & a person with way too many thoughts that never fall in a line - I had never journaled! Well, at least until the pandemic started. 


Join this class for a perspective on how you can start journaling as a self care practice - especially  if you are neuro-divergent, multi-creative or if you simple love to read but can never write!


Creative journaling has helped me find an outlet for writing and sharing (& also exploring) my deep thoughts & the beautiful stories they tell.


My perspective of thoughts has changed and now I know that they are always coming from someplace deep. My hope for you is that you discover beautiful, different aspects of yourself as you embark on this journey of creative self journaling.