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Recent Work

Trying to get background colours and street colours right, and add a highlighted precinct areas:

... and yet I don't want it to look too boring!

Dunedin City - a map in progress. I need to highlight 'precinct' areas, I think by colouring the spaces in-between streets, I am taking my inspiration from here. Any thoughts? 

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Recent Research

The map below is a lovely two-colour map shared by Ann, the images around the edges give a peronsable and welcoming, snug feel to the map. Nice use of the inset maps. I like the gray streets, and only relevant streets are named. Or should all streets be named?

The Donut Map, NY, All You Can Eat Press.

Pret-a-Voyager – Designers Days map, Paris. Simple use of colour, The typography and fluoro pink give it some style.

The Incident Map – I like the simmplicvity of this map, and the text blocks which give a lateral structure to the page.

Paris. The simple use of colours. But is it UNDERwhelming??? To me it's clear and efficient, but others might say that the fun has been taken out of the map-reading experience.

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Working on my new map.

This is where I'm up to with my new map. I'm taking Bob's advice and adding images and text, to explain more of the city and cultural stories that visitors want, to be able to dig underneath the city's skin. Bob made the astute point that visitors want to eat and do as locals eat and do.

Please give me feedback because it's nourishing!!!

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Why am I making this map? This is a client project, although I'm a part-time mapper.

Do I want my final project to be printed or digital? Hopefully it will be both. The map will be printed, initially 5,000 copies, with additional print runs of 5,000. I would like to put the map online, using Leaflet and Cloudmade.

How is it going to be used/ held? The map will be A3 landscape folded down to A6 portrait – perfect for pocket or purse.

Why am I the expert to create this map? I know Dunedin! This is a local map project.

Who is my target audience? Visitors and locals, anyone who needs to find their way around art galleries and shopping.

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The South London Arts Map project. I really like the labelling technique that oncludes name, number, icon and colour. All of the secondary streets are smaller in size and line weaight and opacity, highlighting the main arterial routes:

These are really nice arts map covers at Munken:

I am updating and designing a small map highlighting loacl artas and fashion, creative industries and precincts, galleries, art cafēs, theatres and education. Looking for creative inspiration, new methods, and I'm prepared to be challenged! My current map is here and looks like this:

... so as you can see it's rather bland and lifeless. My intention was to use only three printing inks, so using process Cyna, Magenta, and Black (no yellow), and to not overlay or overprint any ink onver another. The idea is to create a clean separation of colours, to make the map as readable as I can. The result is a kinda sterile and drab look. 

For the next edition, I'm thinking of using brighter colours. The map size will probably stay the same, A3 landscape folded down to A6 portrait. I'm also thinking of printing using a Risograph machine, on a medium flocked paper such as Munken Cream 130gsm. Munken have a shop where you can buy nice notebooks with tree bark-like covers. The Risograph I'm planning to use can print up to three ink colours.


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