Mahima Parasrampuria

Success Coach



Creative Thinking for Business

Class Description:
Creativity has always been praised in every sphere of any business as well as in any other forms like for in education as well. Creative learning can be defined  as a method that allows businesspersons  to use their imaginations, have ideas, generate multiple possible solutions to problems, communicate in a variety of media and in general ‘think outside the box’. They  may also mean practices in which new comers and young people show that they have the capacities to assess and improve work, sustain effort on a project for a long period of time, exceed what they thought was possible and work well with others to combine ideas and approaches that allow young people to apply their creativity through making choices.

Class Project :

How did creative thinking heled you in solving problems of your business? Share your thoughts with us.

Introduction Video:


Final Class (free link):


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