Creative Project Management

I'm an artist, and I think like most artists we all tend to keep multiple projects circulating or on the backburner.  In some cases We're working on a couple of pieces for shows, for a series, for a particular job etc.  I'm sure there are plenty of PM apps out there, but I'd like to build a very aesthetically pleasing app that's welcoming and almost makes it fun to keep track of your progress and stay focused on what needs to be done.

I see this unfolding similar to a tree, with various branches and leaves.  Each branch can be a project and each leaf along the branch is a point of progress as well as goals.  If there's time constraints the leaves begin to change color meaning you're in danger of losing that project deadline and possibly a client etc.  In which case once you fail to stay on course, the branch goes dead.  You can revive it by creating a new deadline or killing it off saying the porject has been scrapped.  There's still a bunch to work out but I will be prototyping this on paper to workout the kinks.

If anyone wants to join up in creating this please let me know.  I have never coded in my life, but I do design and create art.  I would like to eventually build an app that can also show your progress on a social level.

Avedon Arcade
Media Artist