Creative Process Egg Timer

Creative Process Egg Timer - student project

Creative Process Egg Timer - image 1 - student project


> Timer/alarm with a user interface that promotes focus and decision making in the context of tyep of creative process.


> Set deadlines and snooze preferences per creative–process–step and overall project udner "DURATION"

> Create checklist of deliverables within each creative–process–step under "TO DO" 

> Record links and notes under "NOTES"

> Fortune-cookie style button that shows inspirational quaotes pertanent to the given creative-process-step. Button called "MONTRA"


> Project can span anywhere from minutes to months.

> You can view the overlap of multiple project schedules.

> Adjusting "DURATION" of creative–process–steps within a project schedule subsequently effects "DURATION" of other steps i.e. lessens or increases time for other steps.