Creative Personal Writing

Creative Personal Writing - student project
  • Step 4: Write an essay on how the experience makes you feel, or tell me the story of your 13th year.

When I turned 13, I had just completed my elementary education, in Yunlin County Taiwan. I was hoping to continue onto secondary school in the fall, but I couldn't because my parents needed me on the farm. Back then, in Taiwan, farmer's daughters did not get education. They were needed on the farm and  household chores. I was fortunate to have finished six years of formal education. Then, a few months later, there was financial problem in the family;  my mom had to take me to live with a family in Chiayi City, about sixty miles from home, Yunlin County. This family had a small business that producing hair pins and other hair accessories. Although I missed home very much, I was able to take comfort in the city life which  seemed to be easier than on the farm.

I had two younger brothers and two younger sisters, who I missed very much and home sick. 

In Chiayi City, in 1962, I first saw the black and white television shows. It was fascinated! I was culture shock, to say the least! I was over whim by all the bright lights and busy streets with vehicles, motor cycles and bicycles . In contrast to the farming community in the remote hills of Yunlin County, where I came from; the two environs are as different as night and day. For instance, our farming community, about fifteen families, no family even own a radio. The farming village has no electricity, no running water, no transportation! Children had to walk two hours to school and two hours back home!