Creative Painting: Alcohol Inks and Yupo Paper


 Video 1 Introduction: Show smiling face and example of a few final pieces.

Video 2: Practice makes Practice

1. Show the examples of a few of my previous works 2. Show materials I will use. 3. Let's get started. 4. Adirondack

2. Show materials thatI will use. 3. Let's get started. 4. Adirondack

3. Let's get started. I am going to create two papers with alcohol inks

Alcohol inks are the primary paint  on Yupo paper that I am showing but I am also showing how other materials work on the Yupo for a comparison.  They will include Chinese Inks, Jaquard Silk Paints and watercolors.

Video 3   I will show an alternative to Yupo by experimenting with two different papers. First I will show printing paper for photos. It's glossy (I already know it's not the same but has qualities of its own) and a piece of drawing paper with Liquitex Varnish on it that works similarly but not exactly. 

Video 4. I will show an example of me starting the finished project. I am going to give two assignments to choose from. Participants can choose from the abstract piece or they can turn their abstract piece into something using Sharpies or Pitt pens.

Video 5 Thanks for watching - a few final pieces and what I did with them. Don't forget to download your work. If you need help please reach out


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