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Creative Musings

I launched my company, Mother's Muse, a year ago with a friend of mine. You can check us out at The budget for our original launch was next to nothing but we still managed to creatively get it all started.  It is amazing what you can do when you put your creative energy toward something! We love our creative space (it is tiny but quaint) and we have been trying to nurture a good community of creative learners.  We have had some great classes, but our key target market is moms - or so we thought.  We are finding that many have a difficult time taking time out for themselves during the day and evening to take classes.  Either that, or our schedules do not allow us the flexibility we need to offer enough classes (and varied times) for our students.  Since we joined the Go Mighty family a few months ago, we started to really think about creative our own online classes. I am here to better develop my company through an online arm so that it better meets my current availability/flexibility (which is limited due to having small children and little to no money from profits for childcare) and reaches a larger target in a medium that better serves their busy lives. I am also interested in marketing many of my creative classes into kit formats that can be sold online.

My Go Mighty LInk:


Overview: Repositioning the Company -

Week One: Solidifying My Idea -

Mission Statement

Mother’s Muse is a creative learning space conceived to inspire life journeys and nurture meaningful connections.

Plan B(e)

Caught in a rut? Lost sight of yourself?

At Mother’s Muse, we understand how easy it is to let all the other aspects of life get in the way of your own happiness and goals. We also know through experience how easy it is to learn how to change the direction of your life and carve out little chunks of “me” time without sacrificing all of the important distractions (like kids, careers and partners) that sometimes take all of your time. We will teach you how crucial it is to spend quality time understanding and nurturing your creative spirit in all areas of your life. Even though our program is creative-centered, it is designed for all levels of creative experience. If you can chit-chat, write, cut and glue you can do this. And we promise you will have fun doing it too. Think of it as a different kind of lady’s- night-out. Only this one might actually change your life. 

Plan B(e) is a innovative journal and collage-based program that guides participants on a two-semester journey of self-exploration. The first semester, entitled (Re)Discovery, helps you learn how to carve out little chunks of time and space for your own self-focused journey. It gives you the tools to help you remember the person you always wanted to be and even discover new things about yourself. The second semester, (Re)Creating, helps you put your rediscovered self into action. We will give you the tools and confidence necessary to put together your own life-focused plan whether it be re-entry into the work force, a journey into a new career or simply a plan for creativity. Your life will always be as busy as it is now, so don’t let that get in the way of your own goals. The time is now. Join us for an inspired and creative journey among friends. 

Week Two: Establishing a Unique Brand

Stream of Consciousness Business Description

We are fun and approachable. Creative but in an inspiring way.  Leave your judgement at the door. We are geeky fabulous and a little funky, but not too hip. We are about building and inspiring community. We are moms trying to recapture our creative mojo. It's about exploring.  It's about laughing - giggling. Writing and crafting our souls. Flexibility and ease. 

Target Market

They are moms who are creative but have lost direction a bit because life has gotten in the way.  They are experiencing a longing for a rediscovery of self now that their kids are getting older.  They a really busy, but want to sneak in moments of time for themselves.  It has been a while since they have been creative, so they need things to be light, fun and approachable.  They too are geeky fabulous and a little funky, but not too hip. They are young at heart.  Seekers.


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