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Creative Mind - Messy Mind

I am very unorganized - not helped by the procrastintor in me, who at times would really rather binge watch Netflix & pin crafts I'll never make instead of knock out one of my goals.

I took the quiz & found that my weakest areas are Collecting & Doing. (Again, procrastinator very good her job.) That's not to say that the other 3 areas in tip-top shape. They're just "not so good."



I found that I have a few containers that tend to go untamed: EMAIL!, Safari bookmarks & my pile of paper on the desk I don't feel like dealing with. 

Instead of using Things, I'm going to be using the app 2Do. I already have it on my computer, iPhone & iPad - and they just updated it, so it's pretty much amazing now.

I downloaded Evernote, but honestly, I'm not really sure what to do with this thing. I'm in the process of figuring it out. I also downloaded the plug-in for Safari & added my Evernote "email" to my address book.

Now that I have all the apps at the ready, I just need to decide where I'm going to collect my loops - in a few places as possible:

  • 2Do app
  • Email Inbox
  • Paper tray above desk
  • Notebook for meetings



Things I have trouble remembering abour processing:

  • Not everything is actionable, like reference. Where does this go? Someplace like Evernote!
  • If it requires more than one step to complete, it's a project. What is the next REAL action?

The good thing about 2Do is that, while it's not necessarily meant to be used for the GTD Method, you can customize it to be used that way if you want to. (This is on purpose. Yay!) That being said I have set up my Areas, of which I found I have many.

Setting up Evernote is to follow!



I'm in the process of setting up note books & areas in Evernote. (I'm still getting used to this app!) 

In the meantime, I have decided on my containers for the following items:

  • Active Projects: 2Do Smart List
  • Project Plans: Evernote & sketchbook
  • Waiting For: 2Do Smart List
  • Calendar: iCal, but testing other options
  • Next Actions: 2Do app
  • Reading List: Pocket
  • Reference: Evernote, but maybe Pinterest...
  • Someday/Maybe: 2Do Hidden List 



While going through all these steps, I've been using the suggested checklists & making adjustments when I need to. Below are snapshots of my review lists!

Daily for at Work:

Daily for at Home:



Always subject to change depending on what is actually working & what's not.



Tags, tags, tags galore! I went through the exercise, and have come up with a series of tags to use. Some catagories are for more specific areas, and others can be used across the whole list.

I started with the some of the basic catagories suggests:

  • TIME

Then made some others:


Using the tags created under these catatories, I can create smart lists based on combinations that I used most.



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