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Creative Liberties

I had a lot of fun with this juxtaposition prompt. I found many images of things from my childhood, and I really focused on pairing them in amusing ways. Some of the pairings deal with the content of their origin, others are a sort of play on words. I paired the Unicorn from The Last Unicorn with Unico, which was also a lone unicorn in his own story. By pairing these two solitary characters, in an image that looks somewhat cohesive, I've completely changed their stories. I've always found it amusing that 99% of Disney's empire is completely based on others' stories, if you haven't heard of Kimba the white lion, I highly suggest doing a quick wikipedia read. I chose an image of Rafiki looking surprised and placed Kimba in his line of sight, adding to the humor of the situation between the two stories. In my next image I paired Drop Dead Fred with Johnny 5. I named this image Dead or Alive, it brought back good memories of my childhood, and the capacity to imagine things that films like these gave to me. In my next image I included a photo of a Niddler (from Pirates of Dark Water) action figure holding a can of Red Bull; playing on the "Red Bull gives you wings" slogan. The final image I've included is actually the first one that I created for this project. It is an image of a samurai wearing a powdered wig, there isn't really any hidden message in this pairing, I just thought that it would be a neat image, and I'm pretty happy with the way it came out.

The Last Two

Long Time, No See

Dead or Alive

Gives You Wings

Fancy Pants


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