Creative Journey

Creative Journey - student project

As a university student majoring in dance, most of my artistic training is in movement and choreography. Over the past the two weeks, the COVID crisis has proved difficult for the entire dance community as we all do our part to social distance and stop the spread (it's important people, let's do this!). We are used to spending almost all of my time in a dance studio taking class and rehearsing for performances. Now that I find myself at home, I have dove head first into creating my art in through mediums other than dance (however, I am still dancing by myself tiny LA apartment hah). After binge watching a ton of Skillshare classes, here's look at some of my doodles, studies, and sketches. Next up is water colors!

I recently started an instagram for my art to get out of my comfort zone and share this side of me, if you'd like to follow my creative journey I will definitely support/follow you back. This time of social isolation is hard on all of us, I hope we can find comfort in building up our artist/creative communities and connecting with each other!

Art Instagram: @jasmynde_art

Dance/Personal Instagram: @jasmyndehamblin



Creative Journey - image 1 - student project

Creative Journey - image 2 - student projectCreative Journey - image 3 - student projectCreative Journey - image 4 - student project