Creative Ideas

My deck will be used to give me joy and develop more happy moments in my life. I started writting about singing, dancing, writing, and then I explore using new materials in my artwork, and included eating special meals, organizing special occasions to celebrate the joy of life, like preparing a picnic, going out to take a special coffee, inviting myself and my daughter to shop or visit new places. This course gave me wonderful ideas to celebrate life and happiness. Thank you Anne Butera for such a great course!!Creative Ideas - image 1 - student projectMy deck, is is simple in design and I used the paper I had, the drawing is free and with a lot of  joy of  Yayoi Kusama.Creative Ideas - image 2 - student project More patterns and repetitions... The container is a transparent box I found.. It gave me the idea of being open and transparent in my intention of being happy, creative and enjoy life every moment.Creative Ideas - image 3 - student project

Miriam Ponce
Being creative every day!!!