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Bianca Bennett

Photography & Graphic Design



Creative Happiness

I'm tired, it's late, and this is my first skillshare project submission. I find myself being impatient for the future. Wanting the things I may achieve in 20 years now. I want a porch I can sit on and soak in the sun, I want a beautiful wood table with beautiful plates and knives to serve food on and photograph. I want space to make a creative mess, I want to find my creative soul - something that I've lost.

Initially I was going to use only my own images, then I looked around and saw that I'm stuck in someone else's mess and continually taking two steps forward, but being dragged 5 steps back.

This board is about the home I wish I had, with the spaces my body needs, simplicity and minimal clutter with soft earth tones and easy out door access, so I can take a walk and clear my head before I come back and finish creating. 



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