Creative Goals 2018

I have never set goals before and even though deep down I believe that visualisation works, I have yet to try it.  I think lack of clear direction and focus are the reasons for me floundering in life so I I have nothing to lose in 2018.


1). Short term goal. Tidy the art room and organise. I have lost count of the amount of times I have 

been unable to complete/ or wasted time on projects because of my lack of organisation.


2). I have done a mock up of emails being sent to me by clients I would like to work with. 




3). I would like to complete projects by deadlines. Here is a mock up of my calendar.


4). And finally a really  long term goal is a quote I read in a recent horoscope of mine. I wish to be remembered for waking this world up in some way. I don't know what this entails, and I a m not sure if this is a creative goal, but I was like, yes, I want that.


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