Creative Freedom That Sustains Financial Responsibility

I was interested in taking this course to help me work on ways to overcome my history of every project staying a WIP. I jot down, record and maintain most of my ideas, but too often neglect them. I want to learn to capitalize on the most relevant ideas that allow me creative freedom in opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and have fun "working". I want to find a way to work on projects initiated by my ideas or as a result of a collaboration versus being led by what clients desires are or budget restrictions are. In a perfect world, I'd be able to keep filling up spaces with ideas while keeping organized to find the ones that are relevant now and begin to prioritize the ones that most fit my drive.  

I wrote down the statement Tanner said "Procrastination is what happens when we forget who we are" I believe that is a possible reason that most of my projects stay unfinished. I'm constantly jumping around because I'm curious, but as a responsible husband and father, I need to learn to keep focused on providing for my family. I believe I can balance the two. Creative freedom and financial responsibility.

My drive: "Work with creative freedom that in turn sustains financial responsibility for my family."

I'm not looking to get rich, but more so rich in life. Cliché, but I just want to enjoy the life I have and even some of the finer things, but I must make sure my family is in a good place to stay healthy, have fun and keep love in everything we do. It takes money to do most of those things.

I'm excited by my family every day. We all learn from each other. We rely on each other. My family truly is an influence to do better in all that I do. I also desire to express my creativity in any way that may come to fruition. My goal is to continue hammering away to find a way to balance the two.


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