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Creative Exercise

Given five minutes to fill all the shapes, I was only able to completely fill the triangles! Fell short on the circles and the squares. 

As for my actual hand drawn type project, I did a few drafts that I wasn't too happy with, before settling on this one. I initially wanted to do a script font, and settled on this. My initial sketches had more of a ratio between the thick and thin parts of the letter, but I settled on a lesser variance simply because it's something I haven't really done before. I anticipate that I'll keep experimenting with different characters and weights, so don't be surprised if you see more to this project. I left my practice/experimental characters on this page as well, but the ones I settled on are distinctly darker. 

The vectorized versions are a bit cleaner, although they do maintain a few of their "wobbles". I also finished up the set by adding numbers and a few symbols. 


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