Creative Exercise #2-Different Use for common/everyday object | Skillshare Projects

Sarah Bertochi




Creative Exercise #2-Different Use for common/everyday object

This is harder than it seems. I grabbed the nearest item to my laptop which happened to be my calculator..I gave myself a 10 min limit, here's what I came up with..

1) A stress relief tool-gently push the "bent" end into your shoulder/neck, massage/wiggle a bit, not bad for any kinks developed over the course of the day

2) A finger exerciser-for all of you looking for more flexibility/dexterity.  Practice a sequence of numbers on the calculator pad to help develop more speed in your finger movements.  Why? Who knows...

3) The bent end would make for a rake/scoop-use in garden to help push away weeds

4) The plastic case is fairly tough, use in winter as ice scrapper for your car

5) The back of the calculator is smooth, can use to "iron" out wrinkles from your clothes

6) Good for playing "catch" since balls are not allowed in the office, toss to cubicle buddy and back


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