Mitesh Dabhi

Sales Assistant



Creative Entrepreneur & Designer

At 31, Mitesh is relishing the idea to work for himself.  He is always looking to spot hidden opportunities others may have missed. He's very creative and is always dreaming up of new ideas and jotting these down in his notebook

Through trial, error and persistence he's finally discovered that his fascinated by the creative process, especially with how an idea on paper is translated to a product.  This obsession of his has recently led him to start and launch a small product. 

He's a self-taught designer and he learnt this by experimenting and educating himself. He interned as a junior designer for evoCreative in Prague, Czech Republic.  

He works as a cashier at Iceland Foods. He lacks any sort of formal qualifications but is highly motivated and driven. His biggest accomplishment has been running The Guild marathon in 2012.  

He is also a writer of spirituality on his blog, The Happy Monk, which explores the inner self and tries to provide guidance and inspiration.  In his spare time, he likes to go swimming and he loves to read books. His current favourite is Mastery by Robert Greene.  He currently lives in Preston, United Kingdom.

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