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Creative Decorating Ideas - Loyalty Strategy

Hey there. Here is mine...

{This is my future plan. My website is undergoing a re-design process}.

Brand narrative
One day a girl made a cushion from an old knit jumper. She embellished it with a feather and showed her friends. They wanted one too. She showed them how. Creative Decorating Ideas is where they gather.

Target audience
Creative Decorating Ideas offers design basics for those home lovers who care about creating quality home decor items. It's for anyone looking for the best in home decor ideas. For people who want all of those ideas in the one place. For those who care about quality, beautiful furniture and up-cycling. For anyone looking for the best in home decor inspiration.

Article Brand Narrative
We provide Decorating Ideas, Helpful Advice, Easy Tutorials and a creative community where you can share and be inspired. CDI offers customers the very best in home decor ideas. All in one innovative place.

Customer Loyalty Strategy
I intend to build long lasting relationships with my customers through providing the best home decorating service available anywhere. I will do this by:

Finding answers to any home decorating question
Providing New Season Releases - exclusive to CDI only - keep your home up to date with my new designs!
Look after my customers by talking with them personally on my blog/ in the forums and by email.
Provide a local tailored home decor service - find decor items from local suppliers and ship to clients.

Create an Actionable Plan
1. Communication - Blog/Social Media/forum
2. Contests
3. Cultivate Creative Atmosphere
4. Create Seasonal New Releases
5. Recruit Brand Ambassadors

Competitive Advantage
Exclusive Designs. Exclusive Design tools. Personal Care.


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