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Creative Decorating Ideas - Brand Narrative

Hi Everyone. After much ado I have my final draft. Sorry mega posting (see my previous thread) altho I hope reading my previous drafts has helped others with finding their narratives! Now Here it is
We are a home decorating company dedicated to helping our customers find their creative vibe within our collective community. We're committed to providing the best in home decor ideas. Sustainable practice is relevant to our core values. Quite simply we call it empowering people to decorate their homes with nice things made from old things. You'll probably call it a place where ideas are made.
CDI. Creatable & Sustainable Home Decor 2012. My idea is to have a creative learning place where I can show people how to be creative by using creative techniques and tutorials - based around home decorating.

3 basic brand values are

Here is my brand narrative - it's not very compelling.... any feed back/help will be gladly accepted and appreciated!!

I would like my brand to say that a person can receive inspiration from my ideas and be able to create and expand on those ideas themselves. I would like my readers to feel nurtured and cared for - like there is a fresh place to come to where they will feel understood and respected and part of a creative community - through the art of creativity - healing in a sense.

I would like them to feel like their creative needs are being met.I would like my brand to be sustainable in two ways - by reusing vintage items and upcycling them as a new home decor item and that I will have new decorating ideas on a regular basis to keep my reader interested.

I would love for my readers to be having fun whilst learning creativity! and get a feeling of exploration and empowerment through making something from an idea into something tangible.
That is what I would like - I have no idea on how to write it in a wildly compelling way tho... I love threadflip's vision!! It says so much and uses really good words!

Please give me some feedback and some ideas about how I could write this more wildly and compellingly!!

Sandra : )


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