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Enrique Betancourt Domínguez

Creativity takes courage -Matisse



Creative Courage

I started out "collecting" interesting type found in old posters, albums, games, money, well everything around me. After trying to understand the way they might have been constructed I ventured into play, which was a great way to relinquish control of my creative process and really get into it.


After all that I tried to imagine what my brand is about, and well I feel is about courage and creativity. Two of my favorite concepts, specially when confronted with a very uncreative environment. When everybody just wishes you to stay positive, I'd urge you to stay creative.


It felt good to work it out and I really liked the end result, so I put it in the computer. The materials i used were paper, highlighters, permanent markers, acrylic paint, and old stiff brush and a cork handmade stamp. I will later on move on to try new surfaces. Really enjoyed this project.



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