Creative Colouring Pages Etsy Marketing Funnel Ideas

I'm just starting out with creating products for my 'business' – images for greyscale colouring – so I don't actually have a marketing funnel in place yet. I have plenty of ideas and I think the one I'm going to focus on first is social media (probably Facebook), followed a close second by publishing an email newsletter and website to support my images (with colouring how-tos etc.).

I have started building an Etsy store for selling my images (it is not live yet) and this is what I am going to be marketing initially. If this is successful, and I manage to gather a group of repeat customers/followers, I am thinking of also publishing a 'print-on-demand' greyscale colouring book (or perhaps multiple books?).

I analysed two different companies. The first was targeting existing customers with an email advertising 'personalised recommendations' based on that customer's previous purchases and/or items in their 'wish list'. The second was targeting anyone reading their blog with a pop-up overlay that encouraged the user to 'check out these really useful resources'. I documented them both on the one sheet (split down the middle) and the funnels were quite similar.



My own initial idea for my marketing funnel is below (and I'm sure this will need improving).



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