Creative Coding: Learn shape animation programming in Processing and create a video to share


I am a seasoned software developer with a passion for animated graphics, so I would love to teach creative people the basics of graphics programming.

It has never been easier and more fun to realize your design ideas through code! The Processing language lets you create moving graphics without much of the baggage of traditional programming environments. Both Mac and Windows platforms are supported.

I have uploaded two sample animations to YouTube:


(quality will be better in the end, this is pretty low-res).

If you happen to be on Instagram:



Let me know what you think... something like this would be the sample project for my class.

Here's the link to the video session outline:


This class serves as an introduction to the programming environment and language, aimed at total beginners with no programming knowledge, as well as more experienced programmers who want to learn about Processing. Students will learn how to build a scene from simple shapes, and how to set it in motion.The goal is to convey why programming can be not only fun, but also more effective in creating graphics than using an image creation suite.

I will guide through the process of creating a video from the animation, which can be tricky especially on Windows.

As a class project, students will start with a simple animation - and already have a sharable video. Increasing complexity and interest is then added by:

- using different shapes (lines, ellipses, rectangles, triangles)

- learning how to draw shapes repeatedly

- learning how to add variation through randomness

The possibilities in the Processing environment are virtually endless, but I would like to end the class at this point, saving more advanced features for future classes.


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